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Are you considering creating a work office in your own home? Imagine clients and customers being able to access the person they need quickly and simply, no more placing people on hold. A brand new PBX telephone system offers you speed and ease of use, bringing fluency to your office that is not available with old technology, leading to a more productive workforce and higher customer satisfaction.

Our commercial services include:

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• Home office installations

• PBX telephone system installation

• Network cabling and rerouting

• Network fault finding

• Telephone cable repairs and maintenance

• Expert in all commercial telecommunications

• Cat5 & Cat6 wiring

• Free, no obligation estimates

Is it time you took the step up to a PBX telephone system? Using Orchid and Panasonic PBX systems, our standard installation includes up to 4 lines and 16 extensions.


Let DTS bring your company in line with the latest technology and see just how much it can benefit your business.


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